Pre-Order Hudson’s new Cookbook

This book is currently available only to people attending the Xena Convention in Burbank this February.
(Feb 7-9, 2014)


Set for release in February 2014, Yum! by Hudson Leick is a cookbook written with love, in the hope that everyone will treat themselves and their bodies with more kindness through a healthier diet.

As Hudson says, “Writing this book meant a great deal to me. It was written with the intent to help others create delicious foods that support and bring about health and beauty and joy. It’s just one more way to love ourselves! FOOD ROCKS! Enjoy.”

The book will contain over 25 delicious recipes for everything from entrees to smoothies, and will also feature several beautiful photos. It will be printed in both black & white as well as a limited edition (10 copies) color version, signed by Hudson.

Pre-order window is closed. If you’re attending the Xena convention, please stop by our vendor table!

Thank you for your understanding and we will post an update when shipping
is available.