Announcing Hudson’t new Yoga DVD!

**Currently, the DVD works on European DVD players and we will be testing it in US players at the end of August.**  When the DVD is available in North America, we will update this page and post on Hudson’s social media pages.

Synopsis -
Hudson Leick has been teaching yoga for over twenty years. She is certified by three different teachers in three different modalities. Hudson specializes in Kundalini, Hatha, a modified version of Ashtanga yoga, and her classes are a subtle blend of these methods. She practices Kriya yoga meditation, the 5Rhythms dance based on the teachings of Gabrielle Roth and she has also studied Vipassana meditation in Nepal. Hudson currently offers deeply healing yoga retreats.

In this introduction to yoga, shot in the beautiful Czech Republic, Hudson will be guiding you through a gentle beginner’s class. This DVD is made for the person who has never done yoga before, but can also be used by anyone who just wants more clarity and more awareness to help them connect deeper to their practice. The purpose of yoga isn’t only to tone and stretch the body, it’s also to calm the nervous system and create deeper self awareness to learn the art of loving yourself fully.

Hudson, in her own words, says, “This video was made with great love and service with the intent to be as beneficial as possible. I want to acknowledge my gratitude to all beings that helped create this DVD and to all that it serves. My sincere thanks for buying this DVD. May we all stay willing to grow and expand in our own hearts. Now let’s begin…“

If you are in Europe and would like to purchase a copy, please contact Jakub below:

Contact for ordering -
Jakub Volak –

Name -
Hudson Leick: Yoga Basics

Price -
25 USD + shipping

Astrology Specials 2016

In honor of the Chinese New Year, Hudson is offering half hour sessions, as well as 50 minute sessions at a discounted price.

Please watch the video message from Hudson below to hear, in her own words, how the benefits of her offerings can personally be of service to you.

Please see the Astrology page to sign up and if you have any questions about the sessions, please send us a message via our contact page.

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to wish everyone a beautiful, peace-filled and soul enlightening new year!! Challenge yourself to grow more this year, to be kinder and have more patience for yourself and everyone else around you. We can never have enough kindness. Not ever!!! blessings abound. love hudson