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We now have set up pages for Czech Republic and Los Angeles retreats:

Here are the dates for the retreats:

Czech Republic: December 7th-13th, 2015

LA: November 13th-15th, 2015


After teaching my 2nd week long yoga retreat in Czech Republic I decided to get back to teaching ASAP. I feel my gift, one of my purposes, for this life is to make a sacred space so others may connect more deeply within themselves. Nothing I have found has giving me more joy than seeing others open and expand and grow. I don’t want to stop knocking on peoples heart doors. It is my intention to knock and get the hell out of the way so you may have your own clean, clear, personal experience getting to know and love yourself.

So, that said, here’s my secret evil plan……we are putting together 2 new yoga retreats. (weekends)

1 in Czech Republic  and 2nd one in the LA area in Nov.
Please let me know your thoughts on which weekends would work best for you or any other questions about these retreats you might have. all are welcome. Don’t be shy . It has always been an incredibly loving and kind group.

SO looking forward to these.

p.s. You are welcome to message me about the retreats via our contact form.
with love -h

Hudson’s message to all, after the 2015 Czech Yoga Retreat


The Czech yoga retreat was so fulfilling , so chock full of love, play and friendship. People willing to show up and dive deeply into their bodies through yoga, through dance. So many openings in so many many ways i cannot possibly write them all out. The willingness to learn comes from a powerful humility. its really the only way we can grow, by stepping into the unknown. Tears and griefs and fears of our human condition held with expanded beings. just being with it, which in the end is just the vibration of love.

You all created such a profound , inclusive yet deep dive for yourselves and others.
I miss your presence, swimming in clear clean lakes staring at the vast blue sky, dancing with windows wide open to the moonlight, chanting, feeding baby pigs , singing ( sometimes truly terribly) ,playing games with each other, walking for miles through the beautiful countryside, watching you all find ways to enjoy this precious life more and more.

New comers bravely entering and exposing themselves, their hearts… It was a summer retreat of great friendships. My hope is that it moved something powerful and profound in you, opened you more to yourself, with joy, acceptance, forgiveness , fierce compassion and the Unknown.

I loved this time spent. I love you and wish you all the best,