Hudson Leick’s Healing Heart
Yoga Disclaimer

NOTICE: Before engaging in any exercise or suggestion, including those that may be included on hudsonleick.com, consult your health care professional.
This material is not intended to provide medical advice nor is it intended as a substitute for any treatment prescribed by your health care professional.

Healing Heart Yoga events are definitely not fan events. What happens during our retreats and workshops must remain private. People attend our events for healing and spiritual growth. We at Healing Heart Yoga promise our participants safety and privacy, and we ask that you help us keep this promise by not revealing any personal details or happenings from any event.

Only registered participants are allowed on premises during any of our events.

Hudson Leick’s Healing Heart Yoga reserves the right to accept or deny participation in any event to any individual or party solely at our own discretion.

Please contact us if you have any questions.