Spiritual Counseling

It is so essential to learn that there is no perfection. With that in mind, learning how to show up with courage, gentleness, excitement, and curiosity so that one may connect to their whole selves, in their lives, moment to moment with acceptance, forgiveness, and love on this road of life is very important.

All of us go through life as if we were wearing our own special “invisible” glasses. These glasses have different lenses for each of us, and are the result of our life experiences. Most of us would look through glasses that greatly distort our view of the world—what we see isn’t at all as the world really is. Of course, what we really want to see is what is true, and to do that, we have to remove the distortion created by not fully understanding the nature of our life experiences. When we work together, we’ll gradually toss those glasses away. What I will help you to do is to see more clearly, to see the truth, and to see the great beauty that is within you.

This process is a co-creation between you and me, a path we walk together. It is not for the faint of heart, it’s not for those who don’t have the willingness for diving deeply within themselves. It’s for those with courage, looking for growth and positive change, who want to rid themselves of their perceived limitations and to examine the fears that create obstacles in their lives. Everything we discuss together is completely confidential.

If we feel called to do this work together, I do ask that you, with me by your side, be willing to go within yourself and most importantly, trust yourself. Together, we will work toward your taking fully conscious responsibility for yourself and developing trust for your inner voice. This is typically an on-going process and if you choose to continue working with me, future sessions will be determined based upon your needs and finances.

I will be quite gentle with you, but very honest in what I see. I will sometimes ask you to move past your zone of comfort because that is where the truth lies. I do not judge, I only observe and will guide and accompany you on this sacred journey.
This is my life’s work, and I am grateful to serve in this capacity.

Hours for Spiritual Counseling are variable at the moment. Please send us a message using the Contact Form for availability.

 (Please note that, due to Hudson’s ever-changing schedule, last minute session changes may occur. We ask for your patience in this matter and will endeavor to get you rescheduled as quickly as possible.)

Be sure to include:
Your email address, phone number, and at least 3 options for dates and times that will work for you when making a payment.

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Once you have enrolled for your session via the link below, we will be in contact with you via email to determine the best date and time for our work.

Clients within the United States:
50 Minute Spiritual Counseling session…$134.19

Clients outside of the US can use Skype – audio only – to conduct the session.
50 Minute Spiritual Counseling session…$135.59

Sessions must be scheduled within two months of payment.


REFUND POLICY: Refunds can be given within two months of payment. There will be no refunds after that date. If a session cannot be scheduled due to Hudson’s availability, then a full refund will be given. If you simply change your mind, then we can refund you minus any PayPal fees. Thank you.

If you have any questions regarding spiritual counseling, scheduling, or payments, please use our contact form to get in touch. Thank you!