Yoga Retreats & Workshops

Hudson is currently hosting online retreats and online workshops.

Upcoming online events:

June 25 – 27, 2021
Summer Weekend Yoga Retreat
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Hudson was online on Facebook for her free yoga class!
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As soon as we have more info on Czech retreats in person, we will post it on this page or you can contact the organiser Jakub using the form here:

If you want to find out more about the possible UK retreats in person, please use the contact form below.


When you ask most people about yoga, they usually think that you are talking about a form of “exercise” where you perform various physical postures in a class led by an instructor. In reality, that is only a part of what yoga encompasses.

Yoga is a complete system of practices which can ultimately allow one to experience pure reality and to reveal the absolute nature of one’s being. Why would you want to do this? Because then, you will experience true happiness, contentment, and peace.

It turns out that one of the keys to finding true happiness is learning how to find inner stillness. Just about all of us have that chattering “radio” in our heads that provides us with a running commentary on everything that happens in our day. It seems that there’s no way to turn down the volume, much less make it go away. The various yoga practices can help us do just exactly that. They have been refined over thousands of years, and include the physical practice mentioned earlier (more formally known as “asana” practice), breathing (“pranayama”), meditation (“dhyana”), etc.

Yoga has become so popular because many have found it useful in their daily lives. Most of us live complex, demanding, fast-paced lives. We seem to constantly be rushing about, dealing with one crisis after another. Others of us feel trapped in lives that have become monotonous, boring, devoid of any real sense of purpose or joy. In both cases, what is needed is change, something that will show us there is a different way to live our lives.

That change can be provided in the setting of our yoga retreats. This is a precious opportunity for you to enter into another world, one where you can be free of the stressors of everyday life, and one where you can learn the practices that will begin to transform your life. And if you continue these practices when you leave, you will find more happiness, better health, and the ability to make life decisions using your innate wisdom instead of deceptive emotion. Perhaps most importantly, you will begin the healing process on every level.

Our retreats provide you with a safe, sacred space within which you can begin to discover your true self. They also provide the opportunity for you to connect with like-minded people from many different walks of life. These retreats draw open-minded people, just like you, and the friendships that are created here can be long lasting indeed.

We do all that we can to insure that you are in a loving, supportive, safe and creative environment. You can relax… let go… be free… and explore.